Drama in the Delta

One of our pastors in Egypt’s Delta region shared the following stories:

 A retreat for non-believers included a prostitute.  During prayer time, believers wanted to pray for her, but discovered she was demon possessed. Although the devil did not want them to pray for her, the demon was cast out and she was delivered that day. The following day she dressed differently without anyone telling her to do so. She told them her story. Her husband did not give her money to spend on their household needs, so she resorted to selling her body. She used to make a lot of money, but after being delivered she went home, but did not have enough money to eat. She decided to take her children to her aunt, who was a believer, to have breakfast there. While there, another lady believer came to visit. She said The Lord had told her to take the former prostitute to the supermarket and buy her all her needs and give her some pocket money, which she did. How great is our God!

A group of believers visiting from house to house found a drug dealer. They simply asked him how he was doing and then shared the good news about Jesus with him and his family. He accepted the Lord and now he witnesses to other people about Jesus.

Another pastor was hosting a house church in a remote village and had invited his neighbors and friends. One of those invited was from the Coptic Orthodox Church (traditional church). He had vowed to himself to attend to see what this “heretic” (a common charge about evangelicals) pastor had to say. During the prayer time he kept his eyes open to see what others were doing. By the end of the meeting, he had given his heart to Christ, who had the last laugh! To God be all the glory!

By R.G.