Through significant partnerships with established evangelical churches, Impact Middle East is making a difference in the nation of Egypt. The Holiness Revival Denomination (a branch of the Free Methodist Church), and several other like minded denominations have partnered with Impact Middle East to provide a message of hope and peace in a land ready for this message.  With established churches strategically scattered from north to south, IME partners with these churches to expand the health and impact of their church so it may transform its communities and reach un-reached areas with their message.  IME primarily provides leadership training and accountability to these churches and helps subsidize strategic new endeavors.

IME runs a Micro-enterprise Ministry which in poor rural areas where IME ministers, it coaches small business start ups and provides needed micro-loans.

Wesleyan Theological College in Asyut partners with IME to prepare young pastors for ministry. Student pastors minister in village churches that do not have pastors.

About 10,000 children attend vacation Bible school each year, where hundreds typically give their lives to Jesus. Several youth camps are held yearly.

IME, in partnership with ICCM, runs a Child Sponsorship Program for pastor’s children to help pastors afford food and educational needs for their children.


The ministry of IME began when Dr. B. W. and his family moved to Jordan shortly after 9/11.  Ministries begun primarily amongst Iraqi Refugees and have now strategically transitioned to concentrating on Jordanians as the Iraqi Refugee population has been forced to move on. The Jordanian church is lead by young leaders.  We currently have one strong ministry center (traditional church building) and several areas where initial church planting work is in progress. The Jordanian church daughtered the Baghdad church in 2003.

The church in Jordan is full of energy and passion.  In a country of only 1% Evangelical believers, millions of people know little or nothing of Jesus. The need is great and the church is poised to reach them.

North Africa

Impact Middle East is at work in North Africa.  In one North African country, 20,000 towns and villages have no church of any kind – no Protestant, no Catholic, no Orthodox churches.  However, IME has found an openness to Jesus and the Gospel in many of these towns and villages.  It is very difficult to plant ‘normal’ churches that meet in a church building in these areas.  The government will usually not grant permission.  Local Muslim fanatics often forcefully oppose any such construction.  The cost of constructing a church building is often prohibitive for locals who often times make only the equivalent of a few dollars a day.

The answer many times is to identify a ‘person of peace’ (see Luke 10) and begin to disciple him and his family.  As they become solid Christ-followers, there is the opportunity to invite others to come to this home regularly for teaching, worship and prayer.   In other words, the people gathering in this house are being the church; hence, the name ‘house church.’  This is how the Christ followers in the New Testament era impacted the world.  This is how we are impacting North Africa today.

In the past two years, we have seen more than 150 ‘House Churches’ started in one North African country.  We have a plan in place to train and release more young leaders with the expectation that twice this many can be started in the next two years.


Due to the intense conflict in Baghdad and the particular vulnerability of Christians, many of our people fled Baghdad in 2004 and 2005 to the relative safety of Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. Some of these individuals gathered others in their homes and started “House Gatherings.” In one case, the Baghdad church intentionally sent out a leader to a key city in northern Iraq, to plant a church. The church has grown and in fall 2007, became our first “government recognized” church in Iraq.

Work has expanded to three new areas throughout Northern Iraq. There are, however, tens of thousands of towns and villages throughout this region without any gospel witness. Impact Middle East is developing a new strategy that will help national believers in the region catch a vision for planting “house churches” in the most underserved areas.


God is doing great work in the land of Israel. Currently, 5 Leaders are preparing for ordination in God's name. Including our first female candidate in the region. Daily many people throughout Israel are beginning to follow Jesus. Muslims are awakened in the night by visions of Jesus. Those from ethnic Christian backgrounds are begging for churches to be planted in their hometowns so they can know how to follow Jesus. With the population growing at unsustainable rates, with so many living on less than $2 a day, with war and political unrest persisting, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area is crying out for hope and peace that can only be found in the Prince of Peace.