Praying for the Global Refugee Crisis

The Lord watches over the foreigners
and sustains the fatherless and the widow.

– Psalm 146:9

Pray for the church.

Pray for the church in the U.S., that eyes will be opened to the global issues of poverty, injustice and oppression. Pray that churches here will be motivated to serve refugees entering our country. Pray for the church, the community of believers in the Middle East, who live under the daily threat of being driven from their homes and even death.

Pray for the local refugee community.

Intercede for those entering the United States and the challenges they face in relocation and resettlement. May they find welcoming and compassionate communities here, and may local churches be a source of hope and blessing. Pray especially for the housing needs of incoming refugees, who are often forced to locate in less desirable neighborhoods.

Pray for those who work in resettlement agencies.

Various denominational and parachurch organizations partner with the federal government as “first responders” to arriving refugees. They are charged with the formidable task of helping refugees find housing, access health care, enroll children in school, begin English classes, and apply for jobs – all within a matter of weeks. Pray for these agencies and their staff as they attempt to link refugees to local churches for long-term care and support.

Pray for immigration reform in our nation.

A bipartisan solution is needed that reflects the God-given dignity of every person, protects and unites families, and establishes a just path toward legal status and/or citizenship. Consider contacting your own legislators and encouraging them in working toward a solution.

Helping our Fellow Christians Escape

John Stonestreet of Break Point discusses the confusion over the Syrian refugee crisis and compels some sound advice on the matter. A week after the ISIS-directed attacks in Paris, Christians are uncertain, even divided, over what to do with the millions of refugees created by the wars in Syria and Iraq.

But on this we should be united: helping our fellow Christians escape.

Read the Full Article here and listen to the podcast:


Impact Middle East Educational Videos

Impact Middle East and Executive Director, Dale Woods just produced three short videos with the help of Free Methodist World Missions, for use in class rooms, board meetings and/or services to understand and raise awareness of the ministries of Impact Middle East.  Learn about our work in the Middle East, our Biblical Model, and our focus on House Churches. Please be in prayer for the organization and learn more about how you can get involved.




South Sudan Crisis Continues Unabated.

About six years ago, the predominantly Christian nation of South Sudan gained independence from Sudan. But in less than three years, the twenty year-old conflict between north and south escalated as 700,000 people from the south sought to return and re-establish residence there. The lack of basic resources, political instability, and violence have resulted in a humanitarian crisis of major proportion.

Relief agencies and aid workers are over-whelmed by the some 2.0 million “internally displaced persons” (IDP’s) in South Sudan and 1.7 million refugees who have fled to neighboring countries. Armed violence and political uncertainty are compounding efforts to reach the needy.

Prayer is urgently needed for this region of north Africa. Please pray for the following:

- protection of civilians caught in the military conflict, especially the elderly and disabled;

- access for medical teams and relief workers currently barred by competing governments;

- respect for medical facilities which are being looted of life-saving drugs, resulting in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and cholera going untreated;

- distribution of essential survival tools: plastic sheeting to protect from sun/cold; cans for collecting drinking water; basic sanitation needs, cooking pots, and

- protection for aid workers (a recent attack on a relief convoy left 6 aid workers dead);


“Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race” (Psalm 12:1). Lord, we implore you that those responsible for such evil and violence in South Sudan be restrained, that innocent and vulnerable persons will be spared, relief efforts will resume unhindered, and a spirit of reconciliation will prevail. In the name of the Prince of Peace. Amen.


Islamic State Kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Source: Associate Press Online

Story: The 29-minute IS video appears to show militants holding two groups of captives, described in text captions by ISIS as "followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you have called all of us to “take up the cross and follow you” ( Mk. 8:34). We thank you for our courageous brothers and sisters in the Middle East and North Africa who are giving their lives rather than renouncing their faith in you. May these faithful “followers of the cross” be an inspiration and challenge to all of us who confess you as Lord.


Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard

Source: CNN Online

Story: Rome (CNN). Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard -- killing them -- because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday. 

Prayer:  Father in heaven: even as the apostle Paul faced “danger at sea” (2 Cor. 11:26), these Christ followers, fleeing persecution and the threat of death, tragically had their lives taken at sea, victims of religious hatred. May the Italian authorities bring to justice those responsible for their death, and may these who were faithful to you receive the crown of life. In the name of Messiah Jesus,


A Crime Against Humanity

Source: 60 Minutes

Story: Scott Pelley reports on the 2013 Sarin gas attack in Syria that U.S. intelligence estimates killed more than 1,400 civilians.

Prayer: Sovereign Lord, we couldn't bear to watch the horror-stricken children struggling to breathe and dying from the Saran gas dropped on their city by the Syrian dictator. "Weeping and loud lamentation" for lost children was reminiscent of Herod's slaughter of the Innocents in an attempt to kill the Messiah (Mt. 2:18). We commit the souls of these innocent children to you, their Heavenly Father, and we pray these evil powers will be brought to justice, both here and before you at the close of the age.


Car Bomb Kills Three Outside U.S. Consulate in Iraq's Kurdish Capital

Source: Reuters Online

Story: A Reuters witness heard the blast, which was followed by gunfire and a column of black smoke high above the Ankawa district, a predominantly Christian neighborhood packed with cafes popular with foreigners.

Prayer: Lord of the harvest, you know that our work in northern Iraq is centered in the strategic capital city of Erbil. Our house church planters there minister under difficult and often threatening circumstances. We pray that you will protect and give courage to them, their families, and co-workers. Thank you for sparing them in this most recent attack. For the sake of your kingdom...


Iraq's Christians Persecuted by ISIS - 60 Minutes

Story: Just like the Nazis marked the property of Jews, Christian homes in territories controlled by ISIS have been marked with the red symbol of the Arabic letter N - for Nasara - an early Islamic term for Christians. When ISIS puts it on your home, you either convert to Islam, pay an extortion tax or face the sword.

Prayer: Sovereign Lord: even as ISIS marks the homes of believers with the “N” – may the “seal of the living God” (Rev.7:2) be placed on individual believers and their households who are threatened by ISIS, supernaturally protecting and preserving them for a place in your eternal kingdom. In the strong name of your Son, Jesus Christ. 


ISIS Destroys Ancient Manuscripts

Story: When ISIS took over the Iraqi city of Mosul, Nicodemus Sharaf, Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church escaped with five books, including an Aramaic manuscript written 500 years ago – leaving behind hundreds more older ones – Christian relics that may never be recovered.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, the Living Word, our hearts were touched as we watched the archbishop weep over the destruction of ancient manuscripts by ISIS forces. These were some of the rarest of biblical manuscripts in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. Believers in the Middle East are known as "people of the book." Teach us to reverence and value your Word like these brothers and sisters in Christ. In Jesus' name, amen.