South Sudan Crisis Continues Unabated.

About six years ago, the predominantly Christian nation of South Sudan gained independence from Sudan. But in less than three years, the twenty year-old conflict between north and south escalated as 700,000 people from the south sought to return and re-establish residence there. The lack of basic resources, political instability, and violence have resulted in a humanitarian crisis of major proportion.

Relief agencies and aid workers are over-whelmed by the some 2.0 million “internally displaced persons” (IDP’s) in South Sudan and 1.7 million refugees who have fled to neighboring countries. Armed violence and political uncertainty are compounding efforts to reach the needy.

Prayer is urgently needed for this region of north Africa. Please pray for the following:

- protection of civilians caught in the military conflict, especially the elderly and disabled;

- access for medical teams and relief workers currently barred by competing governments;

- respect for medical facilities which are being looted of life-saving drugs, resulting in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and cholera going untreated;

- distribution of essential survival tools: plastic sheeting to protect from sun/cold; cans for collecting drinking water; basic sanitation needs, cooking pots, and

- protection for aid workers (a recent attack on a relief convoy left 6 aid workers dead);


“Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race” (Psalm 12:1). Lord, we implore you that those responsible for such evil and violence in South Sudan be restrained, that innocent and vulnerable persons will be spared, relief efforts will resume unhindered, and a spirit of reconciliation will prevail. In the name of the Prince of Peace. Amen.