A Middle East Miracle

Hanan* was diagnosed with cancer while in her early twenties while living in northern Iraq. The news devastated her family. They went to several doctors and learned that she had to go through a long and painful treatment process. Feeling hopeless, they cried out to God and contacted Pastor Wael* to come to pray for their daughter. Pastor Wael responded to their request and visited them along with another elder from the church. Entering Hanan's room, he saw that she was too sick to even get out of bed. It was a heart-breaking situation, but Pastor Wael prayed fervently for Hanan's healing. He left the house saddened by Hanan's grave condition, and didn’t hear from the family for several months. 

After about a year, Pastor Wael attended a conference of evangelicals and was surprised by a beautiful young woman who approached him. "Do you recognize me? Do you remember who I am?" she asked. He confessed he could not remember her. She smiled and said: "I am Hanan who had cancer, and you came and prayed for me. I am completely healed and cancer-free!" Pastor Wael's eyes filled with tears of joy as he praised the Lord for his miraculous work of healing in Hanan’s life. We believe that Jesus, who healed in the past, is alive and continues to heal today: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8)

*Names were changed to protect the identity of the persons in the story.