Crossing the Bridge to New Life

A little over a year ago, the world witnessed efforts to rescue the thousands of desperate ethnic Iraqi people known as the Yazidi. Some 40,000 Yazidi had been driven by ISIS to Mt. Sinjar in the historic area of Nineveh in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. ISIS is attempting to “purify” such Islamic groups as the Yazidi from the influence of both Zoroastrianism and Christianity.

A young man and his wife in Iraq have quite recently been added to our team there. They have been visiting smaller villages in Iraq and have discovered large numbers of Yazidi refugees. An estimated 70,000 Yazidi reportedly now live in the 5-6 villages where our newest team member has been distributing relief supplies and literature. Six very new house groups are currently meeting in the villages.

A young Yazidi refugee child who attends one of the house meetings came forward with this drawing. He interpreted the drawing to our workers like this. He used to live in a Yazidi village symbolized by the green trees. But then one day he met Jesus and his life was changed. He crossed the “bridge” in the drawing and found new life in Jesus, symbolized by the cross near the bridge. 

By J.C.