Syrian Refugees and a Selfie

A Free Methodist congregation in a countryside setting in Brazil saw the story that affected millions world-wide: that of a small Syrian boy whose body washed ashore in his family’s attempt to reach Greece.

Moved by the story and the larger Syrian refugee crisis, Pastor Julio was directed to our IME website and our on-going ministry to Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan. With the support of his denominational leaders, Pastor Julio is rallying other Brazilian churches to join in supporting our refugee work, and we have already received their initial gift with thanksgiving (see the accompanying “selfie” sent by the Brazilian church to our team in Amman).

And that’s not all.

At the same time, Impact Middle East, reported receiving a gift of $500 from a new Haitian church in Lansing, Michigan, for ministry to Syrian refugees. They too have watched our IME videos and are praying for our ministry to refugees.

While the global refugee crisis continues, the church of Jesus Christ is responding across geographical and cultural boundaries with compassion and sacrificial giving. Thanks be to God!




August 1, 2015

Prior to the Islamic holy month, our church planned for the best way to reach out to Muslims in our city who fast more than 15 hours a day during Ramadan. Our task was complicated because of the extreme heat, which made fasting even more difficult.

We decided to greet every car waiting at a red light during Ramadan. Our plan involved offering every car a package of dates and bottled water. We asked other churches in various locations to help us, and were able to cover Amman from north to south.

The response of the people we served dates & water to was quite positive. Many said that our timing was perfect, coming just prior to the announcement from the mosque permitting them to break their fast. Some remarked that they knew our job was not easy, and they were thankful for the Christians in Jordan taking the initiative. Others even asked to take photos with us.

The two verses of scripture included with the package of dates proved very effective:

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God.”
“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the sons of God.”

By h.m

Obstacles and Opportunities

Answers to prayer in Amman

Our second church in Amman, Jordan has been under legal pressure regarding a meeting place. In an answer to prayer, the legal dilemma has been resolved and a meeting place found. It will be used for both Sunday worship and weekly ministries to the larger community from differing religious backgrounds. The strategic location will serve over 100 Iraqi refugee families – a total of more than 300 adults and children, along with several displaced Jordanian families. In another answer to prayer, a blind child who fell from an upstairs apartment window and was in critical condition has recovered and is healthy again.

A 50-50 prayer request!

Continued prayer is requested for the safety and protection of the congregation and those whom they serve. Additional chairs are needed (they have only 50 at present) along with a sound system. The pastor also asks for prayer for the growing children’s ministry (over 50 children are attending). 

If you would like to help fund the additional chairs and sound system Please give below.

By R.S.

Blessed are the children

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am happy to give you an update on our work in the camp in Jordan. We recently held a training event for all our staff and volunteers on how to focus in ministry and have one heart. We continue to host gatherings for Palestinian believers and Iraqi refugees. Recently in our children’s program the children prepared love cards for their mothers for Mother’s Day. The kids also practiced a song to share during the Easter celebration.

The Easter event brought together all the Christian families from our home groups – a total of more than 100 people. We experienced a great time of worship, including a touching message from Father Jacob, an Orthodox priest. He talked about the first Adam and the last Adam.

We continue to visit the Palestinian Muslims who live in the camp. On Mother’s Day we shared with them about rejecting negative feelings and bad memories, as most of them have lost husbands due to war or ethnic violence. It was encouraging to realize that some of these Muslim women have been meeting with us for over a year already.

Several matters are a concern for prayer. A six year-old boy (the grandson of a man in one of our home meeting in the camp) was blinded due to a medical mistake in the hospital at his birth. The boy recently fell from the fourth floor and is in ICU. He and his family desperately need our prayers. We are also praying for a much needed place to rent for our meetings. Lastly, a large amount of food was stolen from our bus recently, and we are asking God to send us food to replace what was stolen.

By R.S.a