empowers Arab Christ-followers to share the grace and truth of Jesus among the least reached and to establish creative, reproducing faith families throughout the Middle East. 



The primary strategy for impacting the Middle East is the multiplication of house churches throughout the region. House churches reflect the New Testament model, avoid the need for costly buildings, allow for rapid expansion, and draw less attention than large, public meetings.


IME is a registered, non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Ohio and governed by a set of bylaws and a board of directors. An executive director oversees the ministry and reports to the board. 


As an evangelical ministry organization, we affirm the historic statement of faith known as the Lausanne Covenant. Go here for details.


The 3 Pillars of our work



  • Identify, equip and release national leaders to plant house churches and develop local leaders

  • Train and coach lay leaders to lead house churches

  • Support house church expansion efforts throughout MENA and the diaspora



  • Share the gospel in word and deed with underserved populations such as the unchurched, Muslims and especially refugees

  • Proclaim the gospel through house church networks

  • Reach out to Muslim background people in MENA and the diaspora

  • Share the gospel with the refugee populations in the ME and the diaspora by meeting physical needs and establishing house churches



  • Establish sustainable/self-supporting house church networks throughout MENA and the diaspora

  • Plant multiplying house churches as faith communities

  • Plant house churches among all underserved populations in MENA and the diaspora

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