Without Fanfare

Iraq 11.8.18.jpg

A lot has changed in northern Iraq since 2014 when ISIS swept through the region with its reign of terror.

Much has changed, but much is the same. Political turmoil persists. Families face life without fathers and brothers. Trauma haunts survivors.

Quietly ... faithfully ... without fanfare ... Impact Middle East serves those who live with the consequences of war in northern Iraq. In cities like Erbil, Dohuk, and Zakho, Impact Middle East churches and leaders minister to those residing in their communities, as well as in neighboring villages and refugee camps.
Leaders in northern Iraq speak with gratefulness to God that He has helped them - and those working with them - over the months of 2018 to:

  • Distribute food parcels to families in need in their communities

  • Visit families in their communities to build relationships

  • Visit refugee camps to distribute items to needy families and gifts for children

  • Hold a two-day conference with the theme of caring for children and family

  • Organize a fun time for children at a cancer treatment center

  • Offer classes in accounting, mobile software, English language, marriage enrichment

  • Conduct sewing workshops to provide work for refugees

  • Offer ongoing church ministries for youth, women, discipleship groups

  • Operate a bookshop for Christian literature in the Friday market

  • Develop an educational center for young men and women in a nearby village

  • Offer psychological support for girls who survived ISIS

  • Train additional leaders

Impact Middle East leaders in northern Iraq would want you to know:

“We thank God for His endless love and grace.”

“We are always grateful to the Lord for His hand is with us
in all the ministries and activities of the church.”

“Peace and Grace to all the dear people who support the ministry in Kurdistan
through prayer and finances.”