Only for the Weak

ICU 3.jpg

by Marcia*, an Impact Middle East leader in Israel

My father-in-law was a tough person, and his heart was hard. He did not believe in life after death. What mattered to him was what happens here and now, in this life. He believed Jesus’ story and the Bible were for weak people.

Recently he became very ill. He was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. No one could visit him except his immediate family, and then only for few minutes. Doctors considered amputating his hand.

When I had the opportunity to visit him, I asked him if he wanted me to pray for his healing. He responded positively. I prayed for him in a loud voice asking God for healing of his body and soul. That night he had a very nice dream. He was in a very beautiful and wonderful place, and his soul was very much at peace. When he woke up in the morning, he found himself out of intensive care and in a normal room. He admitted that prayers to Jesus had helped him. He began to heal; his hand was spared. He asked me to pray with him more. He is doing well now, and I continue to follow up with him. Indeed, prayer moves God’s hand!

Marcia* leads a group of more than 25 women who meet every week at her home. She has started two other groups in neighboring villages. Fourteen people attend these two new groups. With her husband, she visits homes and speaks with the women of the families.

*Name has been changed