Story from Impact Middle East leaders in Egypt
Sara*, a young married woman in Egypt, used to constantly help her mother-in-law. In spite of this kindness, Sara never heard encouraging or affirming words from her – just negative words. Her mother-in-law also stirred up many problems between Sara and her husband. In the beginning, these problems seemed small but day after day they grew bigger.
Sara attended meetings offered by “N” and “M”, Impact Middle East leaders of an important ministry to girls and women in Egypt. There she heard lectures on setting boundaries – clear limits as to what is considered acceptable and welcomed in relationships. She began to apply what she had heard, setting healthy boundaries with her mother-in-law. As a result, Sara’s marriage has greatly improved. She has become more comfortable and happy with her husband.
God is doing great work through the ministry with girls and women in Egypt. After every lecture, ladies are beginning to ask questions, and some are telling about their problems. “N”, “M”, and guest doctors give these women answers for their problems. The girls and mothers go back to their homes and apply what they have learned. The ministry is helping to address many psychological problems suffered by women in Egypt.
*fictional name