The Grumpy Woman


by Impact Middle Leader in Egypt

Demyana,* who attended our two-day retreat about the real reason for Christmas, wasn't interested in the beginning. She didn’t look happy at all. We prayed with her and encouraged her. We were not sure she would return the next day, but she was the first one to arrive.

At the end of the second day's meeting, Demyana stood up and said: “I am a grumpy woman. I have never felt joy in my life. Every day I fight with my husband and my mother-in-law for no reason. I used to spend lots of money on buying clothes and other silly things. Today, since I entered the door of this meeting, I felt the Holy Spirit touch my heart and my mind through the reading of God’s Word and conversation with others. I never thought about Christmas being about Christ. But now I believe Jesus is the answer to my worry and anger. I am asking Him now, before of all of you, to clean my mind and my heart. I believe everything is rubbish compared to knowing Christ.”

With a loud voice Demyana said: “Jesus, I want you to be my Savior and to be forever the King of my life.”

We praise the Lord for what has happened to Demyana! Pray for us as we continue to minister to her.

*Name has been changed