Jesus Environment

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by Impact Middle East leader in Egypt

An oppressive spirit permeated this little village in upper Egypt. The people were superstitious, believing in ghosts and that luck determined their futures. The main goal of young women in the village was to get married, no matter what kind of husband or family they would have. Families fought; young people had nothing to do. The children looked miserable, and they had no educational opportunities. The buildings were run down – windows broken out, pieces of sharp glass scattering the ground.

As a team of ministry leaders, we visited this village. The people were like sheep without a shepherd. We decided to bring a Jesus environment of love, joy, and hope to them.

We started by reading and discussing the Bible's book of Mark with the adults. We talked about their lives in Christ, raising their awareness of the beauty of the Lord and His Word. They began to ask questions. We gave them Bibles. We told the children Bible stories, taught them songs, and prayed with them.

When we left after a week of ministry, we could already see changes in the people. We chose some potential leaders to train in the near future. We noticed the children were smiling more and were singing “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Yes, wherever there is a Jesus environment, people find the way, the truth and the life.