The Simple Jesus

The Simple Jesus.jpg

by Impact Middle East leader in Egypt

Before our home meeting began, one of the regular attenders called to ask if he could bring a guest. I asked him who the guest was. He responded, “Somebody from a different religious background.” I said, “OK. No worries.”

Half an hour later the regular attender arrived with his guest, a young woman named Lamis. As we began to pray and worship the Lord, I noticed tears coming down her face. I didn’t know what was happening inside the visitor's heart, but I asked the Lord to give her peace.

Then the meeting moved to a discussion about Jesus. Lamis started to ask questions because she struggled to know whether Jesus was God or a great prophet. Group members used complicated theological arguments to try to convince her that Jesus is the true God. Finally, someone began to talk about the Jesus who loves us all and meets our needs. He spoke about the Jesus who forgives our sins and remembers them no more, the Jesus who changes our lives from dust to glory, from darkness to light and who gives meaning to our lives.  

When he finished speaking, Lamis looked at us and said, “Brothers and sisters, Jesus … Jesus is the one I have been searching for! I need someone who loves me even though I am a sinner, someone who understands me and where I come from. Someone who knows my heart, someone who can forgive and forget my sin. I need someone who can change my whole life and take me on a new path, even when the road is bumpy.” Before we ended the meeting, Lamis gave her life to Christ.

I left that home with praise in my heart. “Thank you, Jesus, because you care for us. You came from heaven to earth to show us the way. You paid the price on the cross for our sins. You rose from death to glory to give us hope for the future here and in eternity. Thank you, Lord, for Lamis and her new life in You. And, above of all, thank You for opening our eyes to know You in a simple and caring way.