From Making Soap to Sharing Christ

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Report from Impact Middle East leader in Jordan

“G” and her family were from Nineveh, located on the outskirts of Mosul in modern-day Iraq. Life there was very difficult. “G’s” father and two brothers were killed in the violence. Her husband and his father were traveling by car when terrorists ran them off the road. The father was killed and “G’s” husband sustained injuries he suffers from to this day. When she fled Iraq, she had to leave her mother and sister behind. “G” and her family were very bitter. They questioned whether God was good and why He would allow their suffering.

“G," her husband, their two children and her mother-in-law came to Jordan in September 2016. Her husband knew one person in Marka, a district of Amman, and that person helped them find a place to live. One Sunday “G” and her family attended an Impact Middle East partner church in Marka. After a short time, “G” started to work in the soap room, part of the church's "N" project which employs displaced refugees. Her husband also was employed at the church, managing the snack bar.

“G” and her husband were invited to attend Bible studies at the church, one for men and one for women. The groups met once a week and went through a book about how to become a Christian. They also received a book with Bible stories to read daily.

“G” and her husband started learning to study the Bible and talked at home about what they were learning. “G’s” excitement spread, and eventually her mother-in-law started reading the Bible.

“G’s” children had seen all the killing and war in Iraq. When they arrived in Jordan they were severely traumatized. They started attending the church’s school – Good Shepherd School. At first, they didn’t want to be with other kids. But the school welcomed and embraced them, and they started to change. Everyone at the church has become like family to the children, their parents, and their grandmother.

“G” has found hope and life in Jesus. She puts her life and family in God’s hands. She now believes God had a purpose in bringing her to Jordan: to teach her to keep her eyes on Him no matter what happens. She is learning to love God more and more deeply.

“G” wants everyone to know that God loves them, that He is good and that they can trust Him no matter what they have been through. Now, instead of making soap in the soap room, “G” goes to visit refugees every morning to share with them the life she has discovered in Christ.