Drawn by Peace and Love

Story from an Impact Middle East pastor in Amman, Jordan

Drawn by Peace and Love.jpg

B, a young Iraqi Christian-background man, had attended other churches in the past. He had observed individuals in those churches who lived in ways he felt were very contrary to Christian beliefs. He decided he didn’t need the church if it was composed of hypocrites.
A pastoral team from our church visited B at home and suggested he visit our church just once to give it a chance. (His wife was serving there as a volunteer among the women.) After his visit, he could decide whether our church was like the others he had observed in the past.
A surprising thing happened after his first visit. B came back again … and again … and again. He was drawn to the peace and love he felt in this place. It was unlike anything he had experienced before. Eventually, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Today B is serving as a volunteer at the church in the sports outreach and youth ministries.

To draw in more Iraqi youth, B suggested we start a soccer league just for them. Using soccer, volunteers from the church spend 400 hours each year sharing the message of reconciliation with coaches and players. Those who become believers are discipled and encouraged to attend youth meetings where the focus is entirely spiritual.