A Fresh Start

Fresh Start.jpg

by Impact Middle East leader in Jordan

Johari*, a Palestinian, is married to an ISIS fighter. Her husband, because of his criminal background, had found a cause in ISIS; he was thirsty for the riches and sex that ISIS members seek, under the guise of religion.

Johari's husband is not only a criminal but is also wicked. He made his wife and two daughters watch pornographic movies with him and insisted they act out scenes to fulfill his sexual desires.

Johari heard about our church’s monthly meetings for women and began attending them. She also began coming for counseling. Here she was empowered to say no to her husband’s desire that she and their daughters watch pornographic movies with him. Initially the husband was enraged and hit Johari over the head with a large plate.

Johari continues to come for counseling and at times brings her daughters. She also occasionally attends church and has initiated legal procedures to divorce her husband. The counselor is helping Johari to find a fresh start and hope in life, to build her self-respect and to help her understand that her value comes from God, not from the value placed on her by the culture around her.

An Impact Middle East church in Jordan ministers to Arab women who are physically and emotionally abused, working to nurture, care, and build them up so they become healthier in Arab society. This ministry sees approximately 20 women each week, primarily through one-on-one meetings. Some of the women’s husbands are active members of ISIS and other extremist groups.

*fictitious name